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Protective Eyewear

State-of-the-art protective spectacles and goggles – this is he new Dräger X-pect 8000 protective eyewear collection: Combining the best possible wearer comfort, high safety and an attractive design, providing special protection for the most important sensory organ: your eyes.

Our eyes are particularly prone to injury when working with liquids or in environments containing dust particles or fragments. Chemical burns, lacerations or invasive foreign bodies can often cause long term damage, as e.g. impaired vision or even the complete loss of vision in one or both eyes. In a matter of seconds, irreparable damage may occur, thus dramatically changing the rest of our lives. A simple solution is available: 

Dräger's X-pect 8000 protective eyewear is characterised by superior quality and ergonomically designed lightweight materials. Many models can be individually adapted to fit any face shape by adjusting the side arms.  

The Dräger X-pect 8000 collection is certified in accordance with EN 166:2001 and is CE compliant. This means that all spectacles meet high quality requirements. Additionally many models from the Dräger X-pect 8000 series offer the highest UV protection available and the best optical class for continuous work. Most models feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision in the most arduous of situations. 

What could be better? Effective protection combined with an attractive stylish or
sporty design. Dräger's X-pect 8000 protective eyewear is characterised by a modern and sporty look, making them extremely popular among users in industry, trade or for private use. 

59,00 BGN excl. VAT

Goggle PSA Cat. III UDC coating, indirect ventilation system Panoramic Eyeshield 6x3 Cat. №6X3.00.00.00 -CE approved to EN166 and EN170 -Clear polycarbonate lens with exclusive double coating (protection against scratching and fogging) -Panoramic lens can be perfectly worn over prescription glasses -Facial support compatible with half masks -Additional facial protection available -Indirect ventilation system assures certified protection against drops and splashes -Replacement lens available -Impact resistance at 432 km/h, even at extreme temperatures -100% UV protection (up to 380nm) -Optimal wearing comfort thanks to the extra light weight of 75 g Description Panoramic Eyeshield Colour black/green Lens clear, polycarbonate, 2C-1.2

10,00 BGN excl. VAT

New generation spectacles with fantastic ulta light design;Optimal curve of 9.5;Flexible temples for minimum pressure; Made from very robust but extremely lightweight PC material; Grey lens; Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating;Single lens for a large field of vision; UV protection and best optical class; CE approved to EN166 and EN170; cat. № 58 269

6,50 BGN excl. VAT

Classical model with comfortable ergonomic design for many applications and for visitors;Designed to fit with prescription glasses; Large field of vision; Perfect protection against small droplets and splashes;Lateral ventilation to avoid fog on prescription glasses;Lens and frame material is a very robust PC;Weight - 45g; CE approved to EN166 and EN170; cat. № 58 274

12,00 BGN excl. VAT

Very robust and adaptable with or without prescription glasses providing best possible comfort due to ergonomic design;Large field of vision;Perfect protection against small droplets and splashes due to lateral protection and molded browguard; Lens and frame material is robust but extremely lightweight PC material;UV protection and best optical class;Weight - 43g; CE approved to EN166 and EN170; cat. № 58 248

7,50 BGN excl. VAT

8,50 BGN excl. VAT

Pure, sportive and modern design for optimal fit and high comfort; Clear lense; Universal nose bridge; Lens and frame material is a robust but extremely lightweight PC; Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating; Highest UV protection available and the best optical class for continuous work; Weight- 24 g; CE approved to EN166 and EN170; cat.№ 58 249

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